How to avoid payment scams on the internet?

We do Online business operations for more than 60% of all our monthly purchases. Everything goes! Food, appliances, computer equipment, clothes for the family, some management consulting services, the purchase of a car, the customization of our purchases, the sending of money to another person, sending credit call, sending photos or phonographic products …

It should be noted that all this becomes possible and easy when one is actually part of a global process of financial integration, because the most difficult remains the standardization of financial exchanges on a national, regional and even international level. Indeed, financial integration, which is a powerful factor of development, facilitates the circulation of capital on a global scale in a single market, with a corollary of instability and volatility that opens the door to all sorts of digital scams…

There are therefore many scam opportunities that are done through the net: bank data theft, use of bank card stolen, phishing, scam sentiment … methods evolve with the system, as what the adaptation is part of any institution!

We will be interested in using a credit card to make purchases online, such as when you make call credit purchases through MOBIPIAR ( tips that gives you MOBIPIAR, to reduce your risk of scams and / or theft when you make a payment with your credit card!

  • You must first check the link of the site which must have https: // (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) to guarantee the security of online payment. When you only have HTTP, it would be wise to make no payment on the relevant site that does not have the security certificate.
  • Check if the site provides information on the merchant (address of the company, business register, tax number, information on the designer of the site, terms of use, phone number …). If all this information is not explicitly provided, do not hesitate to send an email to the merchant concerning additional ifnromations, for more insurance and security.
  • Avoid saving your card data when you make purchases (even secure)
  • Always be present when you give your credit card to make a payment; especially at the restaurant or in a shop …
  • If possible, do not use the online payment option when you are in a foreign country
  • Do not leave your credit card lying around the house or office.
  • You have to do a quick search on the net to know if the merchant really exists on Google, if you have doubts.

For any other request, do not hesitate to contact us at /, and make your credit purchases to reload the internet and calls from your correspondents safely with our website www. (in French and in English).