First Date with a Man !

Preparing your Appart’ for the First Date with a Man?

The design of a house is important in human relations, relative to the friendly atmosphere created to put family and friends at ease in our home. It is even more obvious and necessary to tidy up your apartment when we receive a visitor for the first time, especially as part of a date. It’s quite a feat to do when a woman has to receive a man she likes for the first time in her home: How to present the design? how to organize the living room? how to get rid of food odors in the kitchen and dining room? With MOBIPIAR, we always find solutions to reassure you about what to do in your apartment, and succeed from the first meeting with a man. Prepare your notebook once again, because here we go!

Women tend to design their house or apartment in a very feminine style with the often overused use of pink. Such an option is interesting, but it makes it possible to increase certain prejudices of men who attribute a too dreamy character to women who use too many feminine aspects: this scares some men away… hihihih… funny but that’s how it is. A little masculine touch to the show imposes insurance on the visitor. You can make a small modern living room with a living room with gray walls, open to the dining room, for a harmony that does not disturb the decoration of the other rooms.

A woman’s house should reflect Cinderella’s castle. If you don’t have fantastic lighting everywhere, you can leave the entrance corridors clean in a clean and simple setting. You have to clean the entrance, one can easily appreciate the design of the apartment which is highlighted through the harmony of the beautiful floor and the beautiful colors of the walls.

A parameter as important as the others refers to the storage of magazines in the apartment. Above all, do not leave magazines lying around on the living room table, to allow room for a small glass, or a small cup of tea or coffee. The mess on the table would force us to ask the visitor to help us with tidying up.

The kitchen must always be clean when we have to receive someone in our apartment. This cleanliness clearly expresses the character of the person who lives in this house, because it would not be interesting to leave pans, plates, or the knife that we use to make a meal lying around just before receiving the visitor. The cleaning well done, allows to appreciate the beautiful design of the kitchen, which highlights the beautiful finishes and the simplicity of a kitchen with everything necessary to make beautiful things.

Attention women, it is important not to forget to clean the toilets well, because it is a place that creates an unspoken judgment of our design and our ability to maintain an apartment. When a man notices a woman’s toilet that is not clean, you have to be sure that he risks taking a good hit. To this cleanliness, we can bring a little decoration like this designer shelf which gives a little originality to this intimate room which often lacks life.

Do not let the food smell effect

When you have large openings like in this house, you shouldn’t hesitate to open the windows wide to let out the smells of food that come from the kitchen. Even during the winter, a little bit of coolness from outside wouldn’t be bad for a bit of ventilation. It is especially important to avoid using scents, before having evacuated all the smell of food from the house, at the risk of creating a conflict of odors which is not necessarily pleasant in the end.

Use plants to enhance the decoration

A bit of nature in the apartment brings vitality and green design to the interior of the house. Put plant evewhere beacoiuse greenery brings added value to interior decoration, which is expressed through the beauty of the vases, pots and plants used.

Don’t leave memories of ex-loves

The Memories of ex-lovers should not be left to dampen the ardor of our visitor who comes for the first time, unless the intention is to frustrate. You have to by replace photos or paintings of an ex-lover with a design object un objet design

Don’t hesitate to ask friends for advice, and if they can’t call you back, delete them by sending them Top-pups with MOBIPIAR